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Chain Suit (R2W)

$695.00 USD
Chain Suit
Chain Suit

As featured in the movie "Thats the Way It Is". Our tabs are made of leather, and are attached with velcro and snaps. The chain is no-rust gold plated aluminum. Gold domes run up the side of the outseam and the back sleeve seam.

A special note for this suit - Elvis's original Chain suit was made with gold chain and studs, but after some harsh treatment during cleaning, the gold "washed" away to show the silver coloured base metal!!!



Price: $695.00 USD

Please fill in your inseam measurement in inches while wearing stage boots

Save on shipping costs. If you order this item with a cape, belt, boots, scarves, or jumpsuit, you still pay one flat shipping rate.

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Cape attachment

Dose this suit come with a attachment for a cape

cape attactchment

elle's picture

Hi. We do include velcro for attatching a cape on the suits that did originally have capes. Elvis did not wear a cape with this particular suit. But if you would like a cape attatchment with your chain suit, you can specify when you order, in the NOTES section, and we will add it for you. 


could you make it where it shows skin all the way Down close to the belly button

Color of chains and studs

Could you make the suit with gold chains and studs? Thanks Pat  

chain suit and belt

elle's picture

Hi Pat. Yes, we make the chain suit and belt with gold chains as a rule. We can make it with siver chains as a special order if a customer specifies. 

Hi Ellie I'm based in

Hi Ellie

I'm based in England, could you please give me a total price for a Fringe suit and Chain suit R2W L including delivery and a rough turnaround time

Many thanks






Fringe and Chain suits

elle's picture

Hi Gary. We can have the 2 suits ready for you within 1 week from receiving your order. We ship via DHL, which takes 3-4 business days. Overseas shipping costs $90 flat rate. I am happy to offer you a 5% discount if you order the 2 suits at the same time, and of course you will not pay  any additional shipping charges for the second suit. 

A chain or two on my suit

A chain or two on my suit have broke is there any way I could purchase the chains and leather snaps from y'all? Also how much would it be?


elle's picture

Hi Monty. We can help you with that. We can either send you new tabs with chains attached, or send you just a length of chain if that is what you need. Are you able to send us a picture of one of your other tabs, so that we can match it? and let us know the placement of the tab so that we can size the chain accordingly. please repsond to

Red Ladder, Concho and belts

Hi, my name is Jake :-) i've been looking for some new costumes and you have been highly recommended! The suits i'm interested in is the Red Ladder and the Concho suit. Do you have a Red Ladder Belt too? I see you are very busy form all the lovely messages you have and would love to hear from you when you get a spare minute! I'm 6'3 and 12&1/2 stone, 29 sleeve, 33 waist 33 inseam 41 chest. Are there any other measurements you need?

Many thanks, Look forward to hearing from you and keep up the great work!

Take Care, Jake


elle's picture

Hi Jake. We do make belts for these suits - we still need to update the site to add them. the macrame concho belt is $140, and the naugahyde snakeskin tie belt is $150. By the way, we do gve discounts if you order more than one costume at a time. Cheers! Elle

Chain Suit

I Love It, I'll send you a picture. I now do a secondset and it is so sweet to comeout in a different suit. Elle you are the best.




elle's picture

Thanks so much Steve. we will look forward ot taking a look at you in your chain suit. All the best at your shows!! Elle

chain suit

Dear Ellie

I am looking at the chain suit in teh ready to wear I am a 40 inch chest , and i am 5ft 11inches however i am only a 32 inch waist , could the ready to wear suit be adjusted to that waist size



Chain Suit Size

elle's picture

Hi D: You would probably fit into a size small. Is 32 your pant size? If you pant size is 32 then your actual waist measurement will often be around 35 inches - it can be quite misleading some time You can definitely take the suit in - it is quite easy on the back seam. You can also take in the darts if necessary. Elle

chain suit

Hi Ellie

I just checked my pants the tag says 32 inch waist and 32inch leg

my chest is 40 and my kneck is 15.5 inches , hope this helps do you think the small would fit with the 33inch waist size




elle's picture

Hi - the waist range on the size small is 33-37 inches. You will fall within that range. I recommend a size small for you. we can hem the leg at 32 inches for you, or a little longer if you wear a higher heel boot. Elle

Macrame Belt (RED) For my fringe suit

I am looking forward to getting this belt  thank you very much Elle


Chain suit

Hi Elle interested in buying the chain suit off the rail range I bought the I Got Lucky Suit recently and was pleased with the quality but it came in a cream color will the chain suit come in white tnk you 

yours kindly 



suit colour

elle's picture

Hi Tom: We have switched to off-white fabric for our Ready to Wear suits to make them more like the original suits. We can make you a custom tailored Chain suit in white gabardine if you like. The price with the chain macrame belt would be $950 - the R2W price if you buy the belt also is $830. Elle

ready to wear suits

how long does it take to recieve a rtw suit after order. thanks

REady to Wear suits

elle's picture

If we have your size available on the rack then we can ship the next day after hemming the suit to your inseam measurement. Delivery times are around 1 week. If we don't have your size in stock, allow an extra week for making a suit up for you. Please so not hesitate to get in touch with any further questions. Elle

chain suit


I still can't thank you enough for the fabulous job on my Chain suit!  Everyone loves it, definately a crowd pleaser!


Chad "Chadillac" Hankinson


thank you elle, im like a kid at christmas now. lol i will spread the word of your business and kindness. god bless you larry

the chain jump suit, belt, scarves.

my wife donna ordered it for me im so thrilled. ijust found out today im going to memphis during elvis week for a contest. thanks elle for all your help. the palmers.

chain suit ready to wear

hi, fantastic suits.  can you tell me does the rope belt, white one, come with the chain suits, 

Chain suit

elle's picture

Hi: The Ready to Wear suits and belts are sold separately. The plain macrame belt is $100. We are working on a version with chains as well that is $150. Elle


elle's picture

Hi: Our Ready to Wear jumpsuits and belts are sold separately. Our custom tailored suits are sold with belts. A plain macrame belt to go with this suit is $100. It is $150 if you would like one with chains. Thanks. Elle  

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